Outbound Text Blasts


Send personalized and targeted text messages to your supporters, such as event reminders, thank-yous, and more

Skip the spam folder—directly engage with your supporters

Send custom text messages to your supporters directly from your Givebutter account

  • Choose an area code and phone number to represent your organization – completely free
  • Make your messages stand out by adding GIFs, images, emojis, videos, and supporters’ first and last names
  • Automatically see revenue conversion when using a Givebutter campaign URL
  • More space for you to create, as Givebutter automatically shortens your URLs
  • Track who clicks any hyperlinks you include in your messages
  • Customize the auto-responder for inbound texts and forward inbound SMS notifications to an email of your choice

Ways to use Outbound Text Messaging:

Share updates to your campaign supporters → Text anyone who has given to your fundraising campaign and let them know how much progress you’ve made towards your goal

Thank your donors quickly → Shoot a thank-you text over to anyone who has donated to your campaign. Go a step further and include a heartwarming GIF or a link to a thank you video!

Educate your community →  Donors give to causes they care about. After your campaign has ended, continue to share information with supporters on a regular basis

Stay engaged → Follow up with recent donors via text and encourage them to get involved with your organization in other ways, like signing up for your newsletter or volunteer program

Send event reminders (Coming Soon!)→ Foster excitement by messaging event registrants leading up to the special day

With Givebutter we have a donor-centric online giving platform that takes all the modern payment methods. We can increase our donor engagement and allow our fundraisers to share our story in an easy and effective way. Givebutter has all the features we need: peer-to-peer fundraising; team and fundraiser performance tracking; and alternative payment methods like Venmo, digital wallets, and PayPal. It is easy to use both for our staff and our donors. We really like the ticketing feature and the ability to livestream events on our pages. They have a five-star support team. We really like the API with Double the Donation for matching gifts. The most helpful thing about Givebutter is the ease of implementation. It took less than a day to learn everything we need and get set up. It is a donor-centric, flawless online giving platform.

Alisa Vural


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Outbound Text Blasts

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Send personalized and targeted text messages to your supporters, such as event reminders, thank-yous, and more

Outbound Text Blasts